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luciana frazāo and zig garcia

Interface created to move the AX-12A and AX-18A servo motors., from Bioloid GP robot, changing its microcontroller CM-530 by Arduino Mega.

By rigging the robot servos to different parts of the user's body, one can move it without the need to program the robot. Through a mapping made by Kinect, Processing makes the calculus of the user movement. It sends the serial information to the Arduino, making the servo move in real-time with the user.

The project was made to posteriorly test reinforcement learning from the values obtained by the Kinect to move the robot.

Project made with: Arduino Mega, Processing 3, Kinect 1, Bioloid GP.

test to move the AX-12A and the AX-18A servos using arduino

test with one servo rigged

electronics final scheme

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