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ScientistA Award
luciana frazao |Leader Grupo Mulheres do Brasil - Silicon Valley Chapter

The ScientistA Award was created in partnership with Dimensions Sciences and had its first edition in 2021. The main focus of this program is to fund women scientists from Brazil performing postdoctoral research in the US. The candidates are evaluated based on scientific merit, innovation, and candidate profile.


The main goals of this program are:

a. Support the inclusion of Brazilian women in the science and technology field;
b. Accelerate scientific research exchange between Brazil and the US;
c. Support inclusion of international scientists in science and technology fields in the US;
d. Recognize Brazilian women scientists generating relevant knowledge in science and technology;
e. Increase scientific production in the U.S. and abroad; and
f. Promote a qualified, diverse workforce in sciences and technology in the U.S. and abroad.


Grupo Mulheres do Brasil is a non-partisan group of Brazilian women created in 2013 in Brazil to advocate for female leadership in building a sustainable society and a better country. The Silicon Valley chapter is dedicated to inspiring and building bridges to fulfill this purpose. The group's vision for this project is for a strong community of Brazilian scientists around the world that inspires and empowers the development of science in Brazil focused on equity and diversity. We will start by empowering young Brazilian female scientists, creating role models and promoting networking opportunities between Brazilian scientists abroad.

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