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luciana frazāo|Leader Grupo Mulheres do Brasil - Silicon Valley Chapter

SciNext is the result of a partnership between Grupo Mulheres do Brasil - Silicon Valley chapter, and Fiocruz-Bahia. The event discusses the recognition of scientists, strategies, and opportunities for a national and international scientific career.

The event is online and aimed at high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students, specifically on the topic, with links to Fiocruz and Higher Education Institutions. The lectures and round tables were given by guest researchers, scientists from Fiocruz Bahia, and Brazilians who carry out scientific positions in the United States in various areas. 

Its first edition was held on 11/05-11/06 of 2021, having 90 registered participants.

The second edition was on 09/10 of 2022, with more than 200 registered participants.


Grupo Mulheres do Brasil is a non-partisan group of Brazilian women created in 2013 in Brazil to advocate for female leadership in building a sustainable society and a better country. The Silicon Valley chapter is dedicated to inspiring and building bridges to fulfill this purpose. The group's vision for this project is for a strong community of Brazilian scientists around the world that inspires and empowers the development of science in Brazil focused on equity and diversity. We will start by empowering young Brazilian female scientists, creating role models and promoting networking opportunities between Brazilian scientists abroad.

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