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shape evolution


internal scheme

Foto 2.JPG

representation of the solar concentrator

hot salt

cold salt

heat exchanger - concentric tubes

inner tube - water

outer tube - molten salt



water tank

inside the structure



Software used to develop this project:


Solid Works - for the technical drawing and development of the structure

MatLab - to make all the calculus for the project, as the sizing of the heat exchange




I also developed an irrigation system to keep the plants hydrated, not only to keep them alive but because their capacity to absorb pollutants is directly related if they are being well watered and if they are planted in a good soil.

For that system was used:

  • Arduino Uno

  • Hygrometer Sensor

  • Water Level Sensor

  • Aquarium Pump

  • Relay Switch



Zefiro prototype was made in a 1:5 scale for a college exposition.

Two samples were made to analyze the fiber clay's photocatalytic power and how much pollution it absorbed during one month. 40g of fiber clay was used in one sample, and 40g of fiber clay + 2g of TiO2 in another. After preparing the samples, they were taken to a muffle at 250ºC for 15 minutes.

After one month, the samples were taken to the Analytical Chemistry Center of PUC-Rio to be submitted to an x-ray analysis, which revealed qualitatively and quantitatively the amount of pollution absorbed by the 40g sample for one month, approximately 2 kg.

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