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Blorb, The Fourth of His Name, Guardian of the Fermented Realm | A Kombucha Journey

In March 2023, I embarked on a journey that would introduce me to a world of fermentation, probiotics, and a resilient lifeform named BLORB. Little did I know that my path to becoming a kombucha enthusiast would involve a series of mishaps, unexpected twists, and the cultivation of not one but several SCOBYs[1].

My initial foray into nurturing living things was marked by disaster. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that my cactus didn't survive very long (I've killed more than one, to be honest..). It quickly became clear that I needed something more robust and adaptable. That's when a friend introduced me to brewing kombucha and generously provided me with a piece of SCOBY[1], which I affectionately named BLORB. With BLORB in hand, I set up my kombucha brewing station. Watching BLORB grow and transform over the weeks was strangely satisfying. It felt like nurturing a unique, living entity. When BLORB had grown enough, I split it in two and began another batch with what I dubbed BLORB Jr. Brewing simultaneously two SCOBYs[1] in two jars; I was in Kombucha heaven!

My kombucha journey was not without its challenges, tho. BLORB's life was tragically cut short due to a fungal infection. It was a moment of disappointment, but it taught me that the kombucha brewing process can be delicate and requires careful attention to detail. Not one to give up easily, I decided to give BLORB Jr another chance at life by splitting it once more. BLORB Jr Jr came into existence, and I continued my journey with renewed enthusiasm. It was a reminder that setbacks can often lead to new opportunities.

Then, one day, while cleaning my brewing equipment, I accidentally broke one of the jars. With limited options, I had to combine BLORB Jr and BLORB Jr Jr into the same jar. Months went by, and I was proud of my thriving (and HUGE!) SCOBYs[1]. However, a small hole in the cloth that covered the top of the jar turned out to be a gateway for unwanted guests—flies. Unfortunately, this unexpected infestation led to the demise of my beloved SCOBYs[1]. It was a challenging moment. I wasn't ready to give up on brewing kombucha, so I decided to start from scratch. This time, I was determined to grow my own SCOBY[1] with the lessons I'd learned along the way. I patiently waited for this sweet tea probiotic solution to form a new SCOBY[1] for the past month. And now is time: BLORB The Fourth is here!

My kombucha journey has been a rollercoaster of triumphs and setbacks. It taught me patience, resilience, and the importance of paying attention to the smallest details in brewing. I've also learned that mistakes can be opportunities for growth and experimentation in the world of fermentation. As I embark on the journey of growing a new SCOBY, I look forward to the challenges and surprises that lie ahead. Each SCOBY has its unique character, and I can't wait to see what flavors and textures my future batches of kombucha will bring.

BLORB The Fourth: I can't wait to drink you!

A 3L jar with a SCOBY submerged on sweet tea

[1] A SCOBY is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that produces kombucha. You can buy one from local or online retailers or make it home using raw, unflavored kombucha and sweetened green or black tea.


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